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I am 36 (born 20/03/1984), working as a teacher, trainer, practitioner and coach of English language for ESL students in an internationally recognized academy and I am happy with my career and work and I enjoy doing well and succeeding.
I am living with my parents. I have a brother and a sister got married. We live in an industrial town called Avissawella in Colombo district. And happy to say that we are Tamil. My family is Anglican. My relatives in my mother's side are Catholics even some of my father's side. I am neutral, I am neither religious nor irreligious. As a teacher I respect the individual freedom for practising one's own religion and engaging religious activities. As I am a spiritual person I always encourage people to observe their religion and I believe I should have knowledge about all the religions and beliefs as a teacher to students who come from different cultures and religious backgrounds. I would like to state that I am very flexible. I am not rude or harsh.
I am with fresh in complexion, well formed body and pleasant smile. I am passionate, good looking, a forceful laughter.
I would like to describe my character as, I am honest, cooperative, balance and harmony, brilliant, intellectual, considerate and have a sense of beauty. I am helpful, compassionate, supportive, sociable, spiritual, artistic, and I am well informed and interested in logical and legal aspects.
I have a good attitude towards others with smart speaking. I don't harm or hurt anyone because of my kindness and religious nature. I am just and always afraid to go against the truth.
I understand my life partner and have the maturity to embark on a relationship which has a future. I would never want to change you or your lifestyle just be a part of it and enjoy. I will not infringe on your privacy or friendship and family will fall for my charm.
I am open minded and non judgemental, with respect and good listening skills. I am a man to take care of you, and put a smile on your face and provide a laugh. I always see how I can help and support in your career success. I know how much it is important to spend time with my beloved wife which contributes for deep affection and bond.
I add thrilling and New things to your life and also change your palm line as you wish.
I consider my father-in-law and mother-in-law with whom I am going to join are a God given blessing to me.
Working details
I was working as a Cambridge English Exams Manager and English language practitioner and couch and teacher at one of the six exam centres in Sri Lanka. I was working on a school project under Ministry of Education. Now, I am working as a senior English Language Practitioner in a world recognized Academy that has 16 branches in Sri Lanka and one in Vietnam. I am a permanent employee. I have an intention of starting my own Academy and currently I am working on that. I am planning out for multiple income sources.
Educational qualifications
I know you may be much concern about educational qualifications of your future husband as it plays major role in society. I would humbly like to tell you that though I am an academical person I am not that much of paper qualified. Having completed my O/Ls I studied English at University of Colombo and began to work as a teacher in an international school and other institutions and academies and in a University. Though I gained good knowledge and work experience I don't think much about these since they are not a must for a man to make his wife happier. I really know the man who can give financial security and care for his wife who has come to him with great trust is the one who is most qualified and trustworthy. However, I have to continue my studies in order to survive. Knowledge and skills are the most important keys in the process of personal development. Whatever the knowledge and skills I possess is not my self-acquired property, it is once again God given divine gift.
My leisure time activities
I am an avid reader. I am interested in reading books, magazines and newspaper articles related to personal development, philosophy, business, religions and spirituality.
I love to watch movies and listen to music. Though I am not good at kitchen work, I do support in preparing delicious meals and assist in keeping home clean.
I am looking for details on your part and hope to be a good couple.
Thank you.

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Published at 04-05-2020

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